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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are the hire bikes the latest model?
A. All hire motorcycles are current model Suzuki DRZ 400cc with our specific modifications. Depending on where the tour is conducted the hire bike models and brand will change.

Q. Do I need to have my own personal accident insurance?
A. We strongly recommend you get a personal accident insurance policy, riders are responsible for their own accident insurance. We suggest you contact the ambulance service before the start of any tour so that if the worst happens you are covered, if you are not in the Ambulance service we suggest you do so. All riders are required to fill out and sign an indemnity form before the start of any tour.

Q. What's the go with accommodation?
A. We use cabin and pub style accommodation depending on the tour you choose with comfortable beds, satisfying meals, hot showers and cold beverages. Accommodation will vary on the tour you choose, we can upgrade your needs if you dont want to share your room for a small fee.

Q. What do I need to bring with me?
A. We will send you a detailed list of what to bring when you make your booking. A small carry on bag for the support truck with you clothing for the tour duration. A hydration pack (such as a Camel bak) min 2 LTR bladder is essential. As you will be supplying your own bike you will need a small, but well equipped repair pack containing basic tools for minor repairs to your own bike, a few spares like tubes, levers, spark plug, chain link and spare air filter. Your bum bag is a must.

Q. Do I need a motorcycle licence?
A. Yes. You must have a current motorcycle rider's license (Australian or International).

Q. Can I bring my own bike?
A. Yes. All brands are welcome but bikes must be street legal, in good working order, well muffled and fitted with good tyres with heavy duty tubes. You should carry a few spare parts with you too, such as tubes, levers, spark plugs, chain link and a pump.

Q. What about fuel and oil?
A. At the start of the tour your bike must be full of fuel on arrival so we can get an early start on day one. We use unleaded petrol on all tours and when in remote locations we fill from the support vehicle. Using a two stroke? You'll need to supply your own oil. We can of course carry this for you using our support truck. Do however; carry a 500ml spare in your pack just in case.

Q. What riding gear will I need to bring?
A. We will send you a detailed list of what to bring when you make your booking, however the following are essential:

  • A good helmet
  • Riding pants, gloves and boots
  • Knee and elbow guards or Knee braces
  • Goggles and a spare lens
  • A spray jacket just in case of rain or to keep out the cold
  • Hydration pack with a 2 litre capacity maximum
  • We also recommend body armour and a kidney belt

Q. How do I pay?
A. Payments can be made by cash, cheque, money order or credit card. A booking deposit is required for all bookings with the balance to be paid prior to departure. Upon receipt of your booking application we will send you a notice confirming the departure date, as well as a general information sheet with additional advice and instructions.

Q. Can I cancel my booking?
A. Yes, in line with our cancellation policy - commencement of tour or no show there is no refund of the unused portion.There is no refund of the deposit if you cancel the tour. If you have any other questions, please contact us.

Q. Are there group discounts?
A. There are group discounts available for 10 riders or more on selected tours, contact us for details.